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Licensed NET AM2/AM2s/AM2e Centre

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Book an assessment

To book your assessment you will need to complete a readiness checklist (links below) and a booking form. In addition, if you wish us to book accommodation for you, please complete the accommodation request form. Please return fully completed forms to [email protected].

Please contact us either via email or telephone for available assessment slots prior to completing the required forms.

Assessment Booking Forms

South-East AM2 Assessment Booking Form


Readiness For Assessment Checklist - AM2


Readiness For Assessment Checklist - AM2/S


Readiness For Assessment Checklist - AM2E


In accordance to the above, if you suffer from either a mental or physical disability then please inform us during the booking process. This will help us to ensure that reasonable adjustments can be made to your assessment, giving all candidates a fair opportunity

Additional Forms

Accommodation Request Form


Booking your assessment

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Telephone: 02392 256038 / 07940376692